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Washu Hakubi

washu Here's the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe! Washu is the cute little red-hairred girl scientist. In the OAV series, she is Ryoko's mother and often teases her about it. She is also one of three goddesses in the OAV. In the TV series, she was exiled to earth for making weapons that can destroy the universe.


Washu-san & Washu-chan
Watching the sunset
On her floating cushion
Her Tenchi Universe Foil Card
The Many Faces of Washu
Washu's Flower Pic
Nurse Washu
A TMiL screenshot
Another TMiL screenshot
What is she thinking about?

Another TMiL screenshot
A TMiL headshot
Peace Tenchi!
Volleyball- Washu Style!
With Taro, uh oh!
Washu and Mecha-Washu
The Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe!
The sun setting behind her
On the stairs
A Shin Tenchi Profile

There have been people to see Washu
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