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Sasami Jurai

sasami This is Sasami, the other princess of Jurai and ayeka's little sister. Sasami is the youngest and cutest person in the Tenchi cast. She enjoys cooking for the family, being the only person that can actually cook.

sasami In the OAV series, Sasami has an alter ego named Tsunami. Tsunami is a Jurian Tree. Her human form is an older version of Sasami. Not much is known about Tsunami except that she might be one of three goddesses and sisters which consist of Washu and Tokimi.


Sasami Flower Pic (small)
In the snow
Pretty Sammy
A profile of Sasami
In the rain

In the snow again
Peace Sasami-chan
Her Tenchi Universe Foil Card
The Many Faces of Sasami
Sasami's Flower Pic (big)
A Shin Tenchi Profile

There have been people to see Sasami
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