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ryoko This is Ryoko. In the OAV series, she's a sexy demon. In the TV series, she's a sexy space pirate. You can't lose! She is a very powerful creature in any universe. Well, then again, she is lazy, does no chores, and can't cook. Nobody's perfect.

ryoko Ryoko is yet another girl vying for Tenchi's affection. Her heart is set on Tenchi. Ryoko will risk her life for him. But she also sometimes keep the others at a distance.


The box cover to Tenchi Muyo Collection Vol. 1
An OAV headshot
Looking over her shoulder
A headshot from the TV opening
Looking sad
In a cat costume
A headshot from TMiL
Wearin some shades

Another OAV headshot
Ryoko and Tenchi
Blushing with an egg
In a swimsuit
Her Tenchi Universe Foil Card
The Many Faces of Ryoko
Ryoko's Flower Pic
A Shin Tenchi Profile

There have been people to see Ryoko
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