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Mihoshi Kuramitsu

mihoshi Everyone's (well, almost everyone's) favorite ditz, Mihoshi! It's just something typical about blondes, and Mihoshi is just one example. Sure, she might be slow and dumb and maybe an airhead and doesn't always know what's going on and a little lazy and sleeps a lot and doesn't work well, but that's the way we like it.

In the OAV series, Mihoshi almost seems like a competant GP officer. In the TV series, she seems more reliant on her partner, Kiyone in order to succeed.


In a yellow swimsuit
A profile of Mihoshi from Shin Tenchi Muyo
In her GP uniform
Mihoshi and Ken-Okhi
A familiar habit
Just relaxing
A profile in her GP outfit
She's all wet

A headshot
Mihoshi with the mic
Another headshot
In paradise
Her Tenchi Universe Foil Card
The Many Faces of Mihoshi
Workin out- Mihoshi Style!
Mihoshi's Flower Pic
A Shin Tenchi Profile #1
A Shin Tenchi Profile #2

There have been people to see Mihoshi
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