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Tenchi Opening Midi's

OAV Theme
The theme to the 1st OAV series.
The opening theme to the 2nd OAV series.
Tenchi Muyo
The opening theme to Tenchi TV.
Shin Tenchi Theme
Opening theme to Shin Tenchi Muyo.

Tenchi Closing Midi's

Talent For Love
Ending to 1st OAV series.
Lonely Moon
Ending to 2nd OAV series.
Shin Tenchi Close
Ending to Shin Tenchi.
Pretty Sammy Theme
The song at the end of the Mihoshi Special.
Manatsu No Eve
Theme to Tenchi Muyo Daughter of Darkness.


Theme from Tenchi Muyo In Love
Sad music (Ayeka's Theme)
Mihoshi's Theme

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