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Welcome to my links page. Here you will find many useful links to other Tenchi and anime pages and other web sites.

Tenchi Links

The Temple of the Teal-tressed Goddess, Kiyone Makibi
A temple to that babe, Kiyone
The Goddesses of Jurai
A nice looking page, check it out!
Love, War, and Tenchi Muyo
A complete Tenchi site with a quiz room and a Sakuya shrine

Anime Links

Anime Pie
Lots of anime, home of the Church of Evil Kiyone
The Ranma 1/2 Library
The best place to find info on Ranma 1/2
The Spoiler Pages
Has up to date news and rumors on all types of anime

I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

Web TV and Misc. Links

Alan's WebTV Guide
A great place to find more about WebTV
Tigereyes Graphics
A great variety of graphics for any website. She also makes great banners.
Adopt a Chocobo!
Add Me!
AAA Matilda United States

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