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Kiyone Makibi

kiyone Kiyone is a Galaxy Police officer. She is the most capable Galaxy Police detective. That is until she met Mihoshi. Since then it's been all downward for Detective First Class Kiyone. She now has to "baby-sit" Mihoshi most of the time. Anyone else with Mihoshi would go nuts. Oh poor Kiyone.

Kiyone is a member of the Tenchi family. Even though she doesn't show it, she likes Tenchi. She isn't in the OAV series that much but she is in both TV series. She is also in both Tenchi movies, but her appearance in the second movie remains a mystery. Kiyone is my fav of all the Tenchi girls. She's cute, sweet, and sexy.


A classic pic
With some roses
Sleeping Beauty waking up
A headshot from TMiL
Kiyone with her gun
Ready to shoot and looking hot!
Kiyone's Flower Pic (small)
Lookin pretty with the mic
In the commander's chair
Holding the GP's version of a rubix cube
In the fog

Uh Oh!
Her Tenchi Universe Foil Card
The Many Faces of Kiyone
Kiyone's Flower Pic (big)
Lookin kawaii
Kawaii again
Showing those glossy whites
A very familiar look
In casual clothes
In a Shin Tenchi GP uniform
Shin Tenchi Kiyone
Evil eyes!
Sexy headshot
It's Evil Kiyone!
Evil Kiyone laughing
A Shin Tenchi Profile #1
A Shin Tenchi Profile #2

There have been people to see Kiyone
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