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Welcome to the Group Picture Page! This is where most of my pics are. There are numerous group and duo shots so have fun.


Tenchi's Parents: Noboyuki and Achika
TMiL- Tenchi, Achika, Ryoko, and Ayeka
Everyone in TMiL
An OAV shot
Another OAV pic
Another OAV group shot
A Star Wars Parody
A card with Pretty Sammy
The Love Boat Tenchi Style
On the beach with Tsunami
The box cover for TMiL
Tenchi Muyo in Wonderland
TMNE- In front of the Christmas Tree
A Victoria's Secret Fashion Show :)

TMiL screenshot
TMiL screenshot 2
Stairs to the shrine
TMiL- Camera pose
TMiL- Kiyone and Mihoshi
Mihoshi and Kiyone in Chinese clothes
Ryoko and Tenchi at Ryoko's cave
Washu and Ryoko. "What to do?"
Beach Volleyball
Ryoko and Ayeka
More Swimsuits!
Tenchi Universe Foil Card Collection
Ayeka and Ryoko in their bathrobes
Kiyone and Mihoshi sitting by a window
Everyone and multiple Tenchi's

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