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Welcome to Group Picture Page #3! I'll add more soon. Be sure you visit the rest of my pages.


No Need for Shrine Priests
Kiyone and Mihoshi, in swimsuits!
Even More Swimsuits!
The entire cast of Tenchi Muyo in Love
Kiyone and Mihoshi with Yagami
One for the photo album
Merry Christmas from the Tenchi family
What the hell is going on?
Backstage during Tenchi Muyo
Whoever was standing here probably got too hot and melted.
Mihoshi and Kiyone on the mic
In the 50's part 1
In the 50's part 2
Kiyone and Mihoshi. Don't know what they're doing.
Playing with fireworks

Another great family photo
Goin mountain climbing
In the baths, again!
Don't know what's going on
WOW! They look good enough to eat! :)
Taking a bath, again. They must be the cleanest girls in anime.
More bathing
At the palace
Run! It's Ayeka-zilla!
A nice group shot with Mayuka

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