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Welcome to Group Picture Page #2! Most of my pics are in the group pages. There are numerous group and duo shots so have fun.


A great shot of the females
A little S&M with Sakuya
Girls in the bath. Something is really wrong with Tenchi.
Ryoko, Mihoshi, and Sasami
Kiyone, Ayeka, Tenchi and Washu
Here are some angels
And here are the devils. (I like them better!) :)
A SD family
Ayeka, Ryoko, Tenchi, and Sasami in space.
Each family member
A GP conference in space (sort of.)
I wonder what she's looking at, hmm?
Ryoko vs Nagi
Here's 1/2 of group shot
And here's the other half.

Merry Christmas from the Tenchi family
Ayeka and Ryoko
A giant Ryoko
At a bar with the GP, Nagi, and Kagato
A semi-kawaii final battle shot
More Swimsuits!!
1/2 of a good poster
The second half of that poster
Ryoko and some other girl (E-mail me if you know who she is.)
The box cover to Tenchi Muyo Daughter of Darkness
Another TMNE pic
The Jurai Family
Ryoko cooking :(
Mihoshi, Ryoko, and another unknown girl (Email me if you know who she is.)
A typical family dinner

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