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Ayeka Jurai

ayeka Ayeka is the first princess of Jurai. She is also one of the many girls that has feelings toward Tenchi. Princess Ayeka has decided to stay with Tenchi along with her sister Sasami.

ayeka Ayeka sometimes may act like a spoiled brat, but that is the she was brought up. As a princess, she probably has never worked to get what she wants, but in Tenchi's case, she'll make an exception. She always seems like she wants to tell Tenchi something, but can't find the right words. She puts her responsiblities first and her needs second.


Hot in a swimsuit
She's got a gift for you
On the beach in a swimsuit
Casual clothes
Headshot/hand on face
Another headshot
Looking confused
In her princess robe

In the falling snow
An angry blush
A headshot from TMiL
A little wet
Lil Ayeka
Her Tenchi Universe Foil Card
From a Tenchi TV ending
The Many Faces of Ayeka
Dressed to Kill!
Ayeka's Flower Pic
A Shin Tenchi Profile

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